Alpha Chapter

The sorority’s first chartered chapter, Alpha was named the sorority’s 2021-2022 Undergraduate Chapter of the Year.

Four Winds, Fall 1994

15 Warrior Women, Spring 1995

Victory Voices, Spring 1996

Women of Changing Paths, Spring 1997

Vessels of Virtue, Spring 1998

Gems of Solidarity, Spring 1999

Souls in Unison, Spring 2000

Spirits of Mended Hearts, Spring 2001

Melodies of Hope, Spring 2002

Enduring Visions of Strength, Spring 2003

Five Wonders of Triumph, Spring 2004

Merging Paths of Distinction, Spring 2005

Stars of Fulfillment, Spring 2006

Trinity of Unfaltering Promise, Spring 2007

Veracious Topa of Interwoven Hearts, Spring 2008

Infallible Waves of Innovation, Fall 2009

Amorous Charms of Avidity, Fall 2010

Unforeseen Tokens of Preeminence, Spring 2012

Transcendent Reflections of Faith, Spring 2013

Everlasting Threads of Coalescence, Spring 2014

Revelations of Divine Serendipity, Spring 2015

Luminous Energies of Effervescence, Spring 2016

The Perpetual Blossoms of Rejuvenescence, Spring 2017

Radiant Rays of Incandescence, Spring 2018

Nascent Willow of Assiduity, Spring 2019

Harmonious Streams of Prosperity, Spring 2020

The Benevolent Beams of Balance, Spring 2022

The Resplendent Wonders of Promise, Spring 2023

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