Beta Chapter

Started in 1996, Beta Chapter co-founded Hok Nosai, UNC-Pembroke’s council for Native American greek organizations.

Victory Voices, Fall 1996

Daughters of Destiny, Spring 1997

Hearts in Harmony, Spring 1998

Kindred Spirits on Sacred Journeys, Spring 1999

Visions of Seven Directions, Spring 2000

Songs of Triumph, Spring 2001

Soaring Wings of Wisdom, Spring 2002

Growing in Essence, Spring 2003

Rejoicing Spirits of Divinity, Spring 2004

Guardians of Faith, Spring 2005

Essential Forces of Nature, Spring 2006

Rays on the Horizon, Fall 2007

Legends of New Beginnings, Fall 2009

The River Stones, Spring 2010

Glistening Jewels of Eminence, Spring 2011

Resplendent Streams of Remission, Spring 2012

Prodigious Seas of Dauntlessness, Spring 2013

Profound Pendulums of Promise, Spring 2014

Buoyant Beams of Adoration, Spring 2015

Reigning Gems of Refined Nobility, Spring 2016

The Guiding Arrows of Restoration, Spring 2018

The Unwavering Bolts of the Luminous Skies, Spring 2019

The Blazing Embers of Revitalization, Spring 2020

The Sapient Sun Pillars of the Dawn, Spring 2022

Fabled Frost Flowers of the Sea, Beta 2023

The Iridescent Halos of Nightfall, Spring 2024

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