Delta Chapter

Delta sisters regularly win awards from UNM for cultural programming and risk management.

Victory Voices, Spring 2004

Turquoise Trinity, Spring 2005

Corn Maidens, Spring 2006

Weavers of Sacredness, Spring 2007

Destined Storyteller of Faith, Fall 2007

Whispering Women of Change, Spring 2008

Waters of Inspiration, Spring 2010

Divine Paths of Desire, Spring 2011

Wander of Imagination, Spring 2012

Songstress of Audacity, Fall 2012

Tenacious Spirit of Inspiration, Spring 2013

Vivid Volcanic Embers, Spring 2014

Passionate Peak of Ambition, Spring 2015

The Elements of Prominence, Fall 2016

The Three Captivating Women of Essence, Fall 2018

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