Gamma Chapter

A four-time recipient of the sorority's Busy Bees of the Year award for community service, Gamma Chapter is a founding member of Oklahoma State University's Multicultural Greek Council. 

Victory Voices, Fall 2002

Pillars of the Plains, Spring 2003

Builders of Hope, Spring 2004

Tiers of Tenacity, Spring 2005

Foundation of the Future, Spring 2006

Frameworks of Fate, Spring 2007

Constructors of a New Vision, Fall 2009

Exquisite Engravings of Fortitude, Spring 2011

Illustration of Initiative, Spring 2012

Vigilant Heirs of Promise, Spring 2013

Patient Heart of Persistence, Fall 2013

Contrasting Parallels of Fidelity, Spring 2014

Varying Paths of Wisdom, Spring 2015

Relentless Maven of Loyalty, Fall 2016

Enchanted Blossoms of Devotion, Spring 2017

Gorgeous Trinity of Brilliant Illuminations, Spring 2018

Magnificent Carnelians of Benevolence, Spring 2019

Beautiful Beams of Endurance, Summer 2020

Sparkling Opals of Optimism, Spring 2022

Dazzling Luminescence of Vivacity, Spring 2024

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