Iota Chapter

Iota Chapter is the sorority's 2020 Undergraduate Chapter of the Year.

Victory Voices, Spring 2007

Creation of Five Phoenicians, Spring 2008

Prisms of Prosperity, Fall 2009

Silhouettes of Shimmer, Spring 2010

Melodies of Marvel, Spring 2011

Feather of Sincerity, Spring 2012

Treasures of Triumph, Fall 2012

Twin Champions of Quintessence, Spring 2013

Energies of Euphoria, Spring 2014

Hearts of Humanity, Spring 2015

Glittering Daughters of Resilience, Spring 2016

The Divine Forces of Diligence, Spring 2018

Harmonious Tones of Wonder, Spring 2019

Sestet of Sincere Souls, Fall 2019

The Earthshaking Infinte Eight, Spring 2021

The Sole Pearl of Essence, Spring 2022

The Septinary Prismatic Hues of Luminescence, Spring 2023

The Jubilant Jewels of Jocosity, Spring 2024

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