Lambda Chapter

Originally a mix of undergraduate and graduate sisters, the undergraduates at UW-Madison were named the Undergraduate Chapter of the Year at Grand Gathering 2018.

Victory Voices, Spring 2001

Legends of the Lakes, Fall 2003

Fires of the North, Spring 2005

Reflections of Rejuvenation, Fall 2010

Springs of Vitality, Fall 2011

Rivers of Renewal, Spring 2013

Unwavering Trees of Triumph, Spring 2014

Everlasting Sky of Faith, Spring 2015

Distinct Mountains of Aspiration, Spring 2016

Captivating Caverns of Eternal Trust, Spring 2018

Lightning Storms of the Isthmus, Spring 2019

The Radiant Beams of First Light, Spring 2020

Boundless Blossoms of Benevolence, Spring 2022

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