Theta Chapter

Along with being known for its campus involvement, Theta Chapter has had multiple sisters participate in the Cherokee Nation's annual Remember the Removal bike ride.

Victory Voices, Spring 2006

Jesters of Joy, Spring 2007

Keystone of the Future, Spring 2008

Cornerstones of Legacy, Fall 2009

Pristine Temples of Poignancy, Spring 2010

Two Rivers of Strength, Spring 2011

Star Points of Contrast, Spring 2012

The Single Essence of Sincerity Spring 2013

Two Trees of Generosity, Spring 2015

The Presence of Hope, Fall 2015

Luminary Energies of Resurgence, Fall 2016

Oracles of Wisdom, Fall 2017

Balanced Seasons of Regeneration, Spring 2018

Twin Spirits of Light, Spring 2019

Rising Waves of Fortitude, Fall 2020

Gracious Gardens of Growth, Spring 2022

The Effervescent Blossoms of Euonia, Spring 2024

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