Zeta Chapter

The Zeta Chapter was reinstated during Grand Gathering 2013, the sorority’s first convention in Arizona.

Victory Voices, Spring 2001

Strength of the Desert, Spring 2002

Desert Kaleidoscope, Spring 2003

Canyon Aurora, Spring 2004

Hearts of the Agave, Spring 2005

T’aahazhoo’oo Bai’ll99go Naalnish, Spring 2006

Treasured Sonoran Quintet, Spring 2007

Persevering Radiance, Fall 2012

Mu’umu po uu seewa ania, Spring 2013

Spectacular Stars of Strength, Spring 2014

Lustrous Melody of Equanimity, Spring 2015

Heaven’s Prosperous Flowers Three, Fall 2015

The Visionary Daughters of Order, Fall 2016

The Reigns of Renewal, Fall 2018

Sovereign Saguaros of Diversity, Fall 2019

Single Sage of Aspiration, Fall 2021

Three Flares of Radiant Energy, Spring 2023

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